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a door frame being varnished a newly varnished staircase garden decking being varnished

Protecting your beautiful wood work

Give your wood work a protective film that ensures it stays beautiful and well protected with high quality varnish and varnishing from Mark Barnes The Handyman.

•  Balustrades

•  Bannisters

•  Stairs

•  Tables

•  Chairs

•  Cabinets

•  and more

Varnish can be applied to:

When you make use of our varnishing service in Towcester, you can be assured that we'll use only high quality varnish to protect your wood work.


All the work will be carried out quickly and effectively so that you can use your wood furnishings and furniture as soon as possible.

High quality varnishing service

For help with varnish in Towcester, contact us on

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